My Wolf Heart

Our Passion

the stuff that makes us tick
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All artworks are original, created by me. From my pencil to your legs.

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The new fabric is thicker so no more ‘seethroughyness’. The firm weave fits tight without making you feel you can’t breath.

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We pride ourselves on having garments that last – the prints will last as long as the fabric lasts – the stitching is of high quality – so take care and have fun wearing some art!

this blue planet

I am working at putting a product out there that causes the least amount of harm to the planet. According to latest research recycled polyester is the most sustainable for the planet. As a micro business however, we simply can not afford to import at the moment. If there are any Angels out there wanting to help, here we are!


this is Us

Small & fierce we are ... ... with furry hearts

Keeping the whole process, from design to manufacturing local, cause we are looking out for one another. I use fabric (polyester blends) and printing methods (sublimation) that are to my mind and heart the most sustainable at this moment in time. I am constantly researching as to not stagnate in old thoughts and technology, to change when I need to. Our clan moves slowly with eyes wide open, imagining a space where everyone makes an effort contributing in some way to treasure this world we live in. Stay Wild out there and claim your own truth!

  • we stand true in your wild wild hearts of truth

  • i make art that comes from my being & then I share it, with you

  • this blue planet of ours need for us to start paying attention

Our Clan

the beings that make up our clan


creator / imaginator
I make the art that finally end up on your legs. I also put the leggings through many months of yoga and general wear, to give you a garment that fits just right. Stick around who knows what might happen next.


photographer / general shoulder
This man makes art with words – he is the music in our house & my sound board for all the crazy ideas.

the furries

all inspiring / lovers
They are simply everything – they keep reminding us to slow down, to lie on the grass and look up at the big blue sky every damn day!


making it all possible
Featured this month – Anna-w Endean – England – wearing her Joburg Skyline leggings & rocking the lock!

your words

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