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Some insights as to why I created this space + what I look and sound like!

About Me

Movement Guide 

I have been guiding people through the art of movement for the last 14 years. As I step into my older body I feel the need to share even more, so that we can stay stronger for longer, and keep moving in ways that better support our bodies.

I did my Yoga TT in 2009 + myriad workshops with national & international teachers (see below)

In-person: off the mat into the world (Sean Corn), ashtanga yoga (Michael Gannon), jivamukti yoga (David Life|Sharon Gannon) , forrest yoga (Ana Forrest), kundalini yoga (Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa), dharma mittra yoga, budokon yoga, yoga synergy (Simon Borg-Olivier) Online: off the mat into the world (Sean Corn), strala yoga (Tara Stiles), the roll model method (Jill Miller)

I am a TRE© facilitator (trauma and stress release exercises)

Completed The Roll Model Method Correspondence Course

I am also a qualified artist and fashion designer

Happy Students

Years in The Business



my Services

What I Specialize In


Yoga-based practices that vary from 15- 60min with something for everyone
(mild | spicy | hot)

Mind & Body

 Short downloadable guided-meditations
to ease into your body and breath
Chakra-set – great before a yoga practice


Yoga nidra (yogic sleep) for those days when you just need some time out and sleep better

Stress Releif

Rolling out stress and anxiety on massage/tennis balls. Both physical and emotional stress

Strength Building

We will be going a little deeper into training with weight(s) and doing some HIIT (COMING SOON)

Happier Life

It is all about sharing TOOLS that can help you live a better life. So start moving and take back your power 

Testimonials from the pack members

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I find Susanna down-to-earth and confidently light-hearted. Her classes are accessible. It is clear that she is grounded in a respect for each person’s relationship with their body and their own yoga practice. Each class/meditation that she has guided me through (either in person or via video) has allowed me to feel present and connected to my breath and my body, making my practice incredibly REAL and very personal, even when its across a computer screen. I highly recommend!


Student, Online

Susanna’s yoga classes are something else. They really go beyond the physical and create a space that is kind, fun, forgiving, and without judgement. I’m not sure whether I learned more about my body or my mind over the year or two I practised with her. Susanna introduced me to the wonders of yoga and I will cherish that forever.


Student, City Rock Studio

I want to say thank you for being such a transformative yoga teacher. I’m so glad I kept coming back because the way you instruct and the way you get us to move and not be so rigid has been so great for my practice. It’s made me approach yoga in a more open-minded, playful way and now I can’t imagine doing it any other way. My overall wellbeing has improved so much too 🙂 So thank you for inspiring me to approach yoga in a whole new way. I’m going to miss your classes and your jokes and your epic soundtracks.


Student, City Rock Studio

Ready to Make a Change?

I will be there to help guide and support you every step of the way. Start moving in a way that suits you and live better in your own body.