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Flow Yoga

Alternate Nostril Breathing



5 morning habits to help ease you into
a more productive and focused day

These are my 5 habits – see what works for you
if you can stick to
3 of them, you are rocking it!

Why Choose susanna?

Easy To Follow Sustainable Movement Practices For  Everyone

Sticking to a movement practice of your own can be a tricky thing, so I make it a little easier for you:

  • short practices that are easy to fit into your day
  • a Huge variety of movement practices so you can choose what
  • a 30-day basic–movement course, easing you into learning to listen to your body
  • I guide you through practices in a FUN, non-rigid way
  • allowing you to see & feel that moving can be something to ENJOY
  • practice in your OWN TIME

Ready to Make a Change?

I will be there to help guide and support you every step of the way. Start moving in a way that suits you and live better in your own body. Lets stay stronger for longer, together.