sometimes we get to meet in-person, other times in the zoom room

we take our time to ask questions and focus on how to better move our bodies into whatever shape
it is we would love to understand and feel more comfortable in.
we practice with awareness and learn to move with more ease and strength.

Zoom Room

virtual gatherings: 

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Why Choose susanna?

Easy To Follow Sustainable Movement Practices For  Everyone

Sticking to a movement practice of your own can be a tricky thing, so I make it a little easier for you:

  • short practices that are easy to fit into your day
  • a Huge variety of movement practices so you can choose what
  • a 30-day basic–movement course, easing you into learning to listen to your body
  • I guide you through practices in a FUN, non-rigid way
  • allowing you to see & feel that moving can be something to ENJOY
  • practice in your OWN TIME

Ready to Make a Change?

I will be there to help guide and support you every step of the way. Start moving in a way that suits you and live better in your own body. Lets stay stronger for longer, together.