Yin Yoga 30-80 min

Yin Yoga targets connective tissue, ligaments and tendons.

A handfull of shapes to help ease out the breath and nervous system. Feeling tired and fatigued often has a lot to do with the way in which we breathe. With this practice we slow down not just movement wise but also breath wise. Using easy breathes to guide the body deeper into a relaxed state, so that we can soften and hopefully start feeling less fatigued.

A super supported yin practice, so that you can settle into your own skin and allow your breath to ease out. Allowing yourself some ‘self-care’ time is such an important part of a balanced movement practice.

Grab your pillows, blocks, bolsters, blankets and massage balls.

A Self care Yin practice that helps release tension from your neck and shoulders

You will need x2 massage balls (or tennis balls), a block, blanket and or pillows.

This practice moves from the top of the head all the way to the feet, working through the whole body. So a little bit of everything.

You will need x2 massage balls (or tennis balls), a block, blanket and or pillows.

You will need x1 massage ball and x2 sturdy pillows, a bolster or a block.
A restorative practice to help down-regulate your nervous system so that you feel less stressed mentally and physically.

For your chair-body! Stretching into the side body, the legs and the lower back. All those spaces that get totally overwhelmed by our ‘not so good for you, chair postures’. And for the days where you want to stretch but feel like just lying down, this is a great practice.

If you woke up with a headache, this practice will help!
We do some neck and jaw roll-outs and some deep side body stretches that target the neck. We move really slow and hold the shapes for shorter than usual.

A 35min passive stretching practice working with the back body, front body and some shoulder stretches.
You will need Pillows (bolsters) Blankets and a yoga block (books).

These passive side body and hip holds, will help relieve pain and tension that you might be feeling in your lower back. Remember to move just to where your body catches and then linger there. Easy breathes, always.

We roll-out the glutes and piriformis muscle and then settle into holds, that ease into connective tissue around the hip joint and glutes.

Learn how to breathe more actively into your ribcage and strengthen your diaphragm. We focus on side body stretches, they are essential to your wellbeing because our bodies do not just move forward and back but also

A more active Yin practice, where we stretch and strengthen the back, by moving slowly and with focused awareness. This one we start off by rolling ou the feet.

We move through 5 shapes in this practice, the holds will be around 5min each. Focusing on the lower back, and on your breathing to help the nervous system switch to a more parasympathetic state. This plays a huge part in easing out anxiety and stress.

We roll-out the glutes, psoas and inner thighs before we go for the long holds, easing into the stretches around the hips. Special treat rolling out the neck and jaw at the end of the practice.

With this practice you will be stretching and reaching into the arms, armpits and front of the chest. We go through a few diaphragmatic breath exercises, helping your brain to connect better to the movement of the lower rib cage, making the diaphragm stronger, so you can breathe better. There will be some roll-outs into the side glutes just for extra sensory awareness. All in all this will help you breathe easier.

A slow practice where we focus on releasing tension and stress from the neck, shoulders, back and hips. Please have x2 tennis balls (lemons work well) ready and a strap or scarf.

A restorative practice for when you are feeling tired and drained (during your menstruation period, please be aware of the sacrum, if it feels at all sensitive refrain from the deep stretches into the hips and move yourself further away from the wall)

A short yin practice to ease out the stress and tension in your spine and torso. Hope you enjoy! (This was part of a series of free videos sent out)

A shortened variation of the Yin legs up the wall sequence, for those days where you need a few moments to simply support your body and give yourself a little time to breathe easy.


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