The tiger and her guardian


Digital prints on true fibre matt paper
535x402mm (original size as drawn in the atlas)

This is part of an ongoing long-term project, in which I draw in an old #firstedition Reader’s Digest Atlas.
I draw #endangered animals on the maps where they live in the wild, or used to live. This is the first sketch, of the #SiberianTiger which lives primarily in the birch forests of Eastern Russia.
The textures of the paint-marks in the background ‘wakes up’ images that I would not otherwise have seen, and then I simply draw them out. In this case, the image felt like a guardian, a protector from those who seek to harm tigers.
This process of allowing lines and textures to guide my hand in the making of an image feels the most true to me.


Additional information

Dimensions 420 × 297 cm