So what happens to your body as you grow older?

• The muscles inside your heart will beat less efficiently

• Your bones start to lose their density

• It gets harder to build and maintain muscle

• Your hormones change big time, especially if your are a woman

There is something you can do to help your body?

For women over the age of 40
and/or women going through peri-menopause and menopause? 

Download a free pdf guide with information around nutrition and excercise, by clicking the button below!

We do not ALL have to be elite athletes to be healthy


This movement practice is going to be different for all of us; finding a practice that makes you feel happy, strong and more at ease is the KEY. 

So if you are interested in movement, yoga, mobility, self-massage, breathing techniques, core practices, meditation…the Patronage (monthly subscription) option is for you!


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